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BG City Government

CITY 101 is a series of videos and other content that explores the many facets of local city government and how it works in Bowling Green.

Bowling Green features a diverse system of parks that provide space and activities to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

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Sustainability technologies for new and existing homes

Ohio's emerging opportunities in green energy

State of the City
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State of the County
BG File provides you with video of the annual State of the County address. Select a year below to see more.

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Bowling Green's government is comprised of multiple departments that work together in providing a variety of services that operate and maintain the city, serving the needs of its citizens.

Bowling Green was founded in 1834 and listed as a village in 1855. In the 1870's it was selected as county seat for Wood county, and in 1901 Bowling Green became a city under Ohio law. In 1972 the city enacted a Charter form of government, providing local citizens with expanded rights to determine the laws and operation of the city.

Today the city government serves a population of 30,000 residents plus a regular residency of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students attending BGSU.

New to the City Government section are City News Release postings as they're issued, and a special section called CITY 101 that looks at the structure of Bowling Green city government and the work it does.

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Refuse & Recycling Delayed Week of May 25

Memorial Day Parade to Cause Temporary Road Closures

Pearl Closure on Monday & Tuesday


304 N Church St.
(419) 354-6208

Grants Administration
304 N Church St.
(419) 354-6203

Municipal Administration
304 N Church St.
(419) 354-6204

Parks and Recreation
Simpson Building
1291 Conneaut Aveune
Phone: (419) 354-6223
304 N Church Street

304 N Church St.
(419) 354-6218

Public Utilities
815 E Poe Rd.
(419) 354-6252

Public Works
815 E Poe Rd.
(419) 354-6227

Safety Building
175 W. Wooster St.

552 E Court St.
(419) 352-3106

City Council

The Bowling Green City Council is the legislative branch of the City's government. The Council meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 8 pm in the Council Chamber in the City Administrative Services Building.

The City Council has seven members. Three members are elected on a City-wide basis (at-large) and serve four-year terms. The other four members represent each of the City's four wards and serve two-year terms.

304 North Church Street

Council Member directory:

Council ward map on BG File.

Bowling Green Municipal Court

711 S. Dunbridge Rd.
(419) 352-5263

Boards & Commissions

304 North Church Street