WBGU 88.1 FM had its origins in 1947. The station has evolved over the past 60+ years, but for at least half of that time the station has involved community members in their programming and management in addition to the students who run the organization.

DJs such as "Country" Craig Lammers, David Sears, Jimmie Frederick, Mark Zaborney, Gerald Rosales, and Don Smith currently contribute to the programming line-up on WBGU-FM as well as the organization's management structure. With a decade or more of experience and contribution each, these community members have become fixtures of quality programming and recognizable figures with unique on-air personalities. They offer up a diversity of musical styles including folk music, bluegrass, world music, latin flavors, metal, jazz, and blues music.

While WBGU-FM is a student-run organization at Bowling Green State University, it is allowed to include up to twenty-five percent of its membership as non-students, or community members. In a setting where the staff and DJ turnover rate is very high (due to most members being four-year undergraduate students), community involvement has been key in establishing and maintaining brand identity and loyal listenership. La Unica, which airs every Sunday morning on WBGU-FM, gets the most phone calls and requests of any program on the station, due in no small part to its decade-long run and the latino community of Wood county that the La Unica hosts (Gerald Rosales and company) have become well-connected to. Other programs like Jazz Unlimited hosted by Mark Zaborney have achieved such loyal listenership that it has expanded its broadcast time to nine hours a week (most programs only have two hours time-slots).

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