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Broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, WBGU-FM offers Bowling Green a great opportunity to hear non-commercial radio. Located at 88.1 FM, the station airs a mix of shows both new to the station as well as programs tried and true. With each DJ presenting their own programming, listeners can expect to hear a diverse spread of music from Indie Rock to Latin beats, Hip-Hop to Folk, Country to Goth, as well as a variety of sports, news, and talk shows.

WBGU traces its beginnings to December 1947 when BGSU students set up a PA system and “broadcast” the Bowling Green vs. City College of New York basketball game to listeners willing to pay fifteen cents. With the dawn of closed circuit radio and its popularity on college campuses, Bowling Green established its own wired-wireless system. The station joined with the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, registered with the FCC, and launched initial broadcasting from an antenna atop of the Administration Building (also the site of their current antenna). The station's initial call letters were WRSM.

Changes in housing, equipment and power came with the growth of Bowling Green’s campus and the introduction of new technologies. For many years the station's broadcasting studios were on the 4th floor of South Hall. WBGU's current studios are in recently remodeled space in West Hall.

Re-wired, updated, and advanced, WBGU-FM continues to change with the times, with advancements such as the addition of CD players starting in 1987, and computer-automated programming which allows continuous broadcast even when a DJ is not available. And WBGU serves a world-wide audience on the web, with a highly ranked web broadcast which it started in the year 2000.

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