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University Film Organization

When you see a student film done, more-so than when you see a big Hollywood film, I think you can appreciate the amount of work and heart that was put into it." That's according to Dustin Meadows, a recent Vice President of the University Film Organization (UFO) who has been active in the organization and making films for several years.

University Film Organization's role is simple: bringing students together over a shared love of film. The organization's weekly meetings center on film discussion, event planning, and screening student films. UFO provides students with networking opportunities as well, with meetings and events that serve as excellent places to meet other dedicated student filmmakers.

UFO members come from all areas of academics. While some are film students looking to master their craft, others may be casual movie-goers looking to expand their horizons. Regardless of major or background, one thing they all have in common is their passion for the art of film.

The organization grew out of the former University Film Committee during a time when the growing Film Studies program at the University was increasing the interest in film production among students. The UFC officially changed its name to University Film Organization in 2002 and began hosting the film festivals, speakers, and screenings that the group is now known for.

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