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SA would also not be able to function without the hard work of the Executive Council. There are three different positions within the Executive Council: the President, Vice President, and Executive Assistant. The President of RSA sets the agenda for, and presides over all RSA General Assembly meetings. The Vice President presides over all RSA Executive Board meetings, and also makes up the different committees at the beginning of the school year. Finally, the Executive Assistant is responsible for the upkeep of all financial matters of RSA, and also is in charge of keeping the minutes of all RSA meetings.

It’s simple to become involved in RSA. If you live in a residence hall on campus, then you’re already a member! All you need to do is simply come to a General Assembly meeting, which take place every Tuesday night at 7:30 in room 207 of the Student Union. During General Assembly meeting, members go though any new or unfinished business that pertains to the organization.


There are also guest speakers who come to some of the meetings who talk about many different events or even other organizations that affect the BGSU campus. Examples of some of the speakers who have came to RSA meetings are the heads of both BGSU Dining Services and BGSU Greek Affairs.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of RSA. For instance, you get to learn about many of the different events happening on campus that you may have not been able to hear about otherwise, such as the building of new apartments on campus, and you even get to have a voice in making many of these important decisions that impact the campus. But most importantly, you get the chance to make a difference for your school, and work with many different people that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with before to make our campus more enjoyable for everyone.

Now you can all see what the Resident Student Association does for students living on campus, and you might event want to become a member. RSA is an important organization to the students on campus and provides its members with the chance to build the qualities that ensure future success.

For more information, visit the RSA website.

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