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The Resident Student Association, more commonly known as RSA, is a student government organization on campus at Bowling Green State University that is focused on enriching the lives of students that live in the residence halls on campus. The official mission statement of RSA is to provide a voice for resident students, to improve the quality of life on campus, to promote unity and community among university housing units, and to promote diversity and awareness for all resident students of Bowling Green State University. There are many different things that RSA does for students on campus, however, most people know the organization for either the campus-wide programs that they organize, or for the movie channels that they offer throughout the residence halls at Bowling Green State University. While these are some of the larger projects within RSA, there is much more that the organization does for BGSU students.

The organization was formed in 1970 as the Resident Housing Association, but was discontinued in 1971. The group then reformed in 1977 as the Resident Life Advisory, and renamed themselves in 1978 as the Resident Life Association. In 1979, the name was permanently changed once again to the Resident Student Association, which is what the group has been called to this day.

Even with all of these changes, RSA has been able to last as an extremely stable and important organization on campus. One of the main reasons for this stability is the work of the several different committees within RSA.


The Programming committee, headed by Jen Davis, the Director of Programming, plans and executes RSA-sponsored campus-wide programs. This committee also works with different organizations on campus to co-sponsor campus events, helping to promote collaboration between different student organizations. The Awards & Recognition committee, headed by Leah Domer, the Director of Leadership Initiatives, plans several different leadership retreats throughout the school year. This committee also runs an annual, end of the year banquet for RSA that aims to recognize the hard work that everyone has done for the organization throughout the entire year.

The Student Concerns Task Force, run by Tim Hampel, the Director of Student Concerns, is the backbone of RSA. This committee takes the concerns of the students on campus, ranging from roommate problems to suggestions for dining services, and everything else in between. The Technology committee, run by Kate Ricciardi, the Director of Technological Affairs, maintains the WRSA movie channels which are available in the rooms of every residence hall on campus. This committee also maintains a listproc made up of all members of RSA so that they can easily share different information with each other. The final committee is the Policy & Procedures committee, headed by Mike Hertz, the Executive Assistant, which maintains the by-laws of the organization.

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