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Grounds for Thought

"Coffee shops have come and gone for generations," says Kelly Wicks, owner of Grounds for Thought. Hopefully, Grounds for Thought will be here for a long time.

Inspired by shops the family frequented on trips out west, Jerry and Sandy Wicks brought the coffee shop-meets-bookstore concept back to Bowling Green. Grounds for Thought opened its doors on South Main St. in 1989 with six tables and a collection of about 8000 books for patrons to peruse and purchase. "I love to sit and have a good cup of coffee or tea and read a book," Mrs. Wicks confesses. "I think the two are very compatible and comforting."

Before the end of their first year in business, the Wicks knew that their 1500 square feet of space would not be enough for the shop to flourish. When Mid Am Bank moved from the space behind Grounds, the small coffee shop jumped on the opportunity to expand their space. The business has continuously grown since then, with the latest renovation completed in 2003. Grounds for Thought now occupies over 7000 square feet in downtown Bowling Green.

As the business has expanded, the Wicks have strived to meet the demands of their ever-growing customer base. After Mr. and Mrs. Wicks sold the business to their son Kelly in the early nineties, the store has grown to include records, magazines and comic books. In recent years, Kelly has brought in musical performances and poetry readings, all of which are free and open to the public.

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