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With interest in spotlighting the arts in Bowling Green, a group of Downtown Business owners and members of the community initiated the first Black Swamp Arts festival in the Fall of 1993.  Though the festival had somewhat of a rocky start, it was supported the next year and has been maturing each year since.  The Festival has grown by an increased number of performing artists who entertain with all genres of music, fine artists who exhibit and sell their artwork, and an increased number of participants, both local and out-of-towners, who come to enjoy and support the arts.

Recognized nationally and earning a well-deserved reputation, by leading magazines Sunshine Artist and Art Fair Source Book, the Black Swamp Arts Festival caters to artists of all kinds by going above and beyond to help exhibitors and welcome patrons. The vision of the Black Swamp Arts Festival not only strives to provide community members with an opportunity to explore and support art of many varieties, but also to celebrate and promote community involvement.

The Black Swamp Arts Festival proudly offers a mix of performance art with fine art exhibits and vendors as well as offers a unique opportunity for youth to participate in hands-on art endeavors. With the involvement of youth art, the BSAF offers families the opportunity to join in the fun of creating art while stressing the importance of art to a younger generation of festival goers. This important aspect of the festival not only draws in families from the community, but confirms that every one can share in the enjoyment of artistic creations. 

Similarly important to establishing the value of art with children of the Bowling Green community, is the involvement of young adults.  With the promotion of acts for children and adults, teens too are given the freedom to organize what is dubbed the Peanut Butter and Rock stage. In realizing the future of the festival will be in the hands of this important generation, a grant was awarded this year to help support their effort. Not only is the encouragement of this grant a push forward, but plans of expansion for future young-adult involvement is given confidence.  Now in its second year, teens too are given an artistic voice of their own, planning every happening for this event including booking bands, backstage organization, and designing t-shirts for the event. It is here teens are given the opportunity to represent themselves with bands of varying musical genres by bringing experimental and underground groups to light.  Some bands seen on the line up this year included: Punctual Afterthought, a unique cello ensemble, Midflight, The Tapes, an alternative rock quartet, and acoustic act Angel Saltler and Grace Henley.